Metal Art & Sculpture



  All of my art and sculpture is created using repurposed materials. Utilizing found objects, used parts from automotive and motorcycle repairs, electronic components and discarded items. Many things are disassembled to harvest interesting pieces. Anything that’s remaining is properly recycled. There is very little is sent to the landfill.   “One Mans Trash is Turned Into Treasure, For All To Enjoy” -MMB


My Medium

I use many different mediums, such as steel, brass, copper, aluminum, circuit boards, stone and a variety of alloys. All of the connections are made by welding, soldering, brazing or the use of metal mechanical fasteners. No glue!!!

Molten Metal Creations


This area of metal work is a new chapter in my passion of molten metal. I’m just beginning to experiment with melting and casting of metals such as zinc, aluminum, copper, silver and gold. It will also include enameling ( fusing melted glass to these metals). The vast array of colors can create some wild visual effects. This area of metal forming will greatly add to the uniqueness of my art.  I also craft coin rings using the hammer - dolly technique and  the press folding technique.


Hand poured Molten Metal

Trinkets and Ingots. These are hand poured using high grade copper and .999 fine silver from rounds, bars and silver shot. The metal is melted using crucibles and a propane melting furnace. The molten metal is very captivating, it’s like looking into the center of our Earth.   Coming Soon!!! Original sand cast designs and sculpture.


Enameled Metal. “Molten Glass”

Enameling is the art of fusing glass to precious metals. The enamel starts as a powder of crushed glass. Which can be directly applied to the metal or mixed with a small amount of water to create a “paint” before application.  The piece is then placed in a kiln and fired until the glass is molten and fuses to the metal. This technique has been used to decorate precious metals for centuries.

Metal Plasma Cut Signs


Free hand plasma cut signs. These signs can be a great addition to your home, buisness, garden or patio. Can create just about any design out of about any metal. Your design, my design or will work with you to create a unique sign for your application. 


Company logos 


Wall art

Concrete & Plaster Cast Statues


Cast concrete Skulls.

Concrete skulls are suitable for outdoor use. They are available with custom paint or ready to paint your own.


Cast plaster Skulls

Cast plaster skulls are recommended for indoor use only. Available with custom hand painted designs or ready to paint your own.


Custom funiture

Specializing in one of a kind coffee and end tables. Like my art these tables are made from repurposed materials.

Custom Gates, Railings, Security Doors


Custom made gates, railings, hand rails, security doors and window bars. These add a pleasing aesthetic value as well as security to your property. Hand crafted to fit your needs.  Available painted or powder coated.

Contact Me

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